What Happens When The Wave Jacks Up – And How It Applies to Car Ads

If The Waves Start Jacking Up, Move Fast   

What makes surfing so addictive is that no two waves are ever the same and the conditions are in a constant state of flux.  The adrenaline produced while chasing waves proves to be euphoric.

You can surf the same exact spot and sand bar day after day and a change of six inches of water will change everything.  You need to stay aware of the environment as things change fast.

One environmental change that can dramatically alter conditions within seconds (literally) is the wind.  Waves that are smooth, glassy and rolling can start pitching and wedging up.  

When a wave pitches or wedges up, it will suck up the water that’s front of itself often exposing the sand on the bottom.  It was this exact type of change in conditions that rewarded me with my first trip to the X-ray room to assess the damage.  

Surfers will refer to this change in condition as things getting jacked up.  And when this happens, your chances of getting hurt have just increased exponentially.  At this point, you have three choices and you better decide fast:  Commit to the wave and make the drop, paddle to deeper water or just get out.

When I look at the automotive marketing landscape, things can change fast too.  And for dealers to survive (hopefully thrive), they need to move fast when it does. 

My recommendation is that every dealership have a quick-response team that will be charged with responding to this change.  

Maybe it’s a new competitor or someone just slashed prices.  Maybe a series of really bad reviews poured in overnight.  Maybe an employee made the most wanted list and the news cameras are waiting for you when you open.

Whatever the reason, you need to act fast by empowering your team with the ability to make quick decisions.  No time for a company wide meeting now.  You need to act.  

Make your smallness and quick response time your competitive advantage.  Develop a swiftness and capacity to move quickly.

The choice will be yours: Be ready for the wave, paddle fast and head to deep water or get out of the way.