Stay Out Of The Washing Machine

Whether You’re Surfing or Just Doing Life, Stay Out of The Washing Machine 

One of the things I’ve always loved about the surf culture is their colorful use of verbiage.  Hearing “I just got caught in the washing machine” is one of my favorites.

The washing machine – when a surfer gets rolled around underwater by a breaking wave.  

Need a visual?   Imagine being caught in the spin cycle.    Entering the washing machine usually happens immediately after wiping out.  You’re pretty confident you’re going to drown.  But the spin cycle comes to an end and you don’t.

No surfer wants to get caught in the washing machine.  It hurts, can be scary, often leaves a few bruises,  might even break a bone or worse yet, break your board.  

Life is full of “washing machine” moments.   Like surfing, I highly recommend staying out of the washing machine in your day-to-day dealings. 

What’s a washing machine moment look like in life?

      • Arguments where everyone needs to be right
      • Meetings that have no meaningful purpose
      • Confronting a colleague or employee in front of a crowd
      • Making fun of someone’s idea during a brainstorming session (no bad ideas, right?)
      • Lacking empathy or understanding
      • Expecting people to change just because you want them too
      • Playing the money card  (“I paid for it so I get a say…”)
      • Toxic relationships 
      • Sarcasm and constant negativism
      • Trying to lead by barking out orders, not setting an example

I think you get the idea.  

Washing machine moments are those situations that we all encounter but have a choice of how we’ll respond.  And that’s the beauty of it  –  you get to decide.  

My advice?  Unless you’re doing the laundry, stay far away from the washing machine.